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Easily create your own personal marketing video to increase your leads and sales and grow your audience …
… so become so relaxed on camera, you can make a video using a simple system to rinse and repeat every time.
… be so relaxed on camera that your true self naturally shines through to your ideal clients?
… know exactly what to do to on camera to convey your know-how and authority to your audience?
… have an elegantly simple system to make and upload your videos, so you have total control over the entire process?

Introducing Super Simple Start Up

how the
super simple
start up process works

You don’t need fancy kit, or someone to come to your office. Your webcam has a great lens and high production capability. I can show you how to prepare – pre-production – so that when it comes time to record,  you get a great result. 
And take you through the recording process, so you’re relaxed every step of the way.
You learn what makes a good video. And it’s not the gear. It’s you, online, happy and talking to your people


We talk together to get crystal clear about your goals. Then I coach you so you are relaxed, warm and professional on camera.



I interview you, and draw out your best while recording you. You can breathe easy, and take as much time as you need.

Easy to Shoot

Upload Ready


I edit your video, add any images or extras you want. Then prepare it for upload, and send it to you.

I can help you
quickly learn
video tips and tricks

You’ve thought of video as a strategy. But I get it. You’re flat out like a lizard drinking. You hate how you look in photos. And the whole technical thing is just too much.

You don't need
to be an expert

Words are great. I love words. But your face and your voice, and what’s going on for you – is magic. People are used to being sold to with ad copy. But when a trusted friend shows up in their screen, they stop and listen.
And you are a trusted friend. There’s people who’ve been buying your stuff for years. They travel for miles just for you! You’ve got fans all over the world!
Your webcam has great functionality.


You’re comfortable on camera, know exactly what you’re doing, and your warmth and personality radiates to your clients.
Because you know what you’re doing, you can create consistently great videos – that are useful in marketing terms – no matter where you are – beach, home, or at any venue.
You have an easy system to get your videos platform ready, then uploaded with all the key terms and tech. So your engagement grows steadily.
More and more clients find you as your audience grows. You find yourself responding to a natural, steady flow of requests and leads.

Start your video now for $97

You can easily make a great video any time, any where.

what my customers say

how it works

Classes will be delivered via Zoom online, so you can attend from anywhere. And any time.
All classes will be recorded, and you will have unlimited access to the replays. You can follow at your own pace. Because, life.
I will moderate the group to give my feedback, share resources and keep you on track every step of the way.
You’ll also give and receive feedback to your classmates to learn even more.

you can relax and focus on your biz

Start your Super Simple Start Up coaching now for $97

The technical stuff is routine. I have a system for that. What’s really important is that you’re relaxed on camera, confident about your video and ready to reach out to your audience.