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Hi, I'm Kath.

And the first question I want to ask you is – when you think about making a video for your business, how do you feel?
When you think about talking to a camera and being recorded, do you cringe inside?
When you think about all the technical steps, the camera, the lights – the cost – do you feel overwhelmed?
If you’re nodding “Yes!”,
I get it. I get you. 
That’s where I can help. 

There are two things standing
between you and great video.

the first

How you look your best

You take a video of yourself, it looks nothing like the ones you see on YouTube, and your heart sinks.

But it's so simple.

It’s what light plays on your face, where you’re positioned in the frame, and what words you want to say. You can set yourself up to look very professional, with only what you’ve got in your house and your webcam.

the second

How you feel about yourself

The way you look and the way you sound. And there are cognitive reasons why you “hate yourself” in photos and in videos.

But they’re nonsense.

The truth is, that every other person in the world sees you just how you are on camera, and hears your voice the way you are on tape. And they’re absolutely fine with you! Some of them even quite like you!
So, as well as the techo stuff, I work with you to be set up well, coached well and ready to go when the camera rolls.

meeth kath

I'm Kathleen Lloyd

Also known as The Video Confidence Mentor. I am an enthusiastic, qualified adult  teacher who loves to create a learning environment where all students bloom and grow.
I’ve been an active writer and screenwriter and taught writing and film production in the tertiary sector. I know how to build a series of exercises and practices so that students steadily become more confident and capable.
About Kathleen
When you think about making a video for your business, how do you feel?
That’s where I can help. 

Are you an

Here’s how I make it easy for you.

How the
Truly You Process Works

You don’t need fancy kit, or someone to come to your office. Your webcam has a great lens and high production capability. I can show you how to prepare – pre-production – so that when it comes time to record,  you get a great result. 
And take you through the recording process, so you’re relaxed every step of the way.
You will stand out from others who make amateur mistakes, you will look your best and come across as professional, without any extra spend.
You can brand consistently in a way that suits you, using clothes, or props, or colour, or a distinctive personal style.
You can record on your webcam for starters. We begin with the easiest option, get you confident and then you can go for it.
You learn what makes a good video. And it’s not the gear. It’s you, online, happy and talking to your people.


We talk together to get crystal clear about your goals. Then I coach you so you are relaxed, warm and professional on camera.



I interview you, and draw out your best while recording you. You can breathe easy, and take as much time as you need.

Easy to Shoot

Upload Ready


I edit your video, add any images or extras you want. Then prepare it for upload, and send it to you.

you can relax and focus on your biz

Any of this sound useful to you?

The technical stuff is routine. I have a system for that. What’s really important is that you’re relaxed on camera, confident about your video and ready to reach out to your audience.
Email me via
We’ll have a chat. No obligation – just good sense.

what my customers

I learnt a lot from Kath’s workshops. Stuff I had not known, and it made me a lot more confident with IT. She provided a safe place to learn and no question was a silly one. I’d recommend her if you want to become more confident navigating the IT world.  – The Pink Geranium – 
We started working with Kath over a year ago, when Facebook reach started to drop and were seeing a drop in sales  because of it. She immediately took charge, started an action plan and  encouraged us through it with weekly or bi-weekly training calls. Sales and reach increased again quickly and my confidence grew along the way to continue growing our business page and sales. We highly recommend working with Kath for social media. Not only is she a genuinely lovely person, but she also goes the extra mile and has a great knowledge pool to help expand your business and your confidence. – Nature Body – 

Kath took my videos and made something I was pleased to put in front and show my clients. I felt more and more relaxed on camera. She gave me lots of useful tips to get a great result without expensive gear, and I got lots & lots of views. – Craig Lyle, Healer –