Why You Should Reuse Your Content

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You know that your people want to hear from you.

That you have to have a presence, a voice, an identity online. 

That the only way they find you is if you present your persona to them.

Regularly. Often.

Enough for them to get familiar with you, to create trust. 

And when you stare down the barrel of that editorial calendar every month, that translates into 30 days. Over 30 pieces of original content that you have to create.

Every. Month. 

The unbearable burden of content

You could spend all day, every day, just creating content. Never mind actually working in your business. 

And then there’s the numbers. That only 20% of the people on your Facebook page will see any particular post. So you are literally throwing your efforts to the wind. 

And if you want to use other people’s material, you have to spend hours and hours finding it.

So, one way or another, you’re doomed. Doomed to continuously roll the stone of content creation up the hill. Only to have it roll down to the bottom again.

Doomed! Gaaah!

Okay, I’m overstating for dramatic effect. Chill. 

Try this instead

What if you forgot about novelty? What if you stopped trying to come up with something more attention grabbing than the opening ceremony of the Olympics – every day?

What if you thought about your friends, sitting with you around the table, drinking coffee? What makes them laugh? What sorts of worries do they have? What lifts them up?

This is what you want. To connect. To converse. 

To have some lively debate going on, some good ideas being shared, some wicked jokes. 

Upend your approach

Turn your strategy upside down. What’s one thing that someone near and dear to you has said recently? That twanged your heartstrings? 

Write a little something about that. 

Go over it, and find a thought that you’ve put beautifully. That’s just ‘you’.

Find a beautiful photo and make a quote out of it. Do this a couple of times. 

Time to turn to a video creation app. Create a video from your blog post.

And then, use the key idea to do a little search for related content. 

Now, you’ve got something for posts on your blog, social media platforms and pages. You’ve got a video, some pins and photos. 

There you go. All of it heart centred. All of it real. All of it in your voice, for the people you care about. 

Whatever the platform, to reach your tribe, you need to post a little often and be thinking of them. What do they need? What are their problems? Because that’s what keeps you fresh and customer focused. And it’s easier to write and present something when you’re trying to solve a problem for someone else.

Put your brain on ‘hold’, don’t try to game the system, and just think of saying something to a dear friend.

You’ll speak from the heart, your people will find you and you’ll enjoy the process much, much more.

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