More Research is a Trap. Just Get Started.

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Research Baggage
Research Baggage
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You love your business. Your people delight in what you offer. 

You get out of bed fired with the heat of your vision. 

So you think about getting your business online. Reach more people. Touch more souls. Because what you bring gives ease, health and pleasure to a hurting world.

Also, a few more dolleros would be nice. 

So, you build a website. Nothing. You create a Facebook page. Nothing. You have a go at Instagram or Pinterest. Nothing. 

Meantime, every day, smiling marketers flood your email with promises to generate six figure this and seven figure that. 

You grit your teeth and buy some advice. Still nothing. And a load of information dumped into your email which is like a random pile of Lego blocks. Without any instruction sheets. 

Family and friends start to look at you with pity in their eyes. They stop asking about your business. 

But the really, really crushing thing? The ache that pierces your heart?

You feel stupid. Just plain old common as dirt stupid. 

Because if ‘they’ – those marketers – can do it, why can’t you?

You’re competent. You’re focused. So you flog yourself with the stick of “I must work harder.” You download ‘crushing it’ memes and set them up as screensavers. You write Spartan mottos onto post-it notes and frame your screen. You set goals to get XX customers by dd/mm/yyy. 

Yeah. Nah. Nothing. 
Not really a joke. Because, by now, your heart is breaking. 

Sit back and breathe for a moment. 

What if you stopped setting those goals?

Horror! If you didn’t set goals, you’d stop working!

But the goals aren’t giving you what you want. Time to try something else. Time to play. To take a tiny step. 

What’s a “little something” that your people would enjoy? A picture? A joke? A tiny little tip that will help?

Post that. Send that out to people on your list. Then, do it again tomorrow. And the next day. 

Keep thinking about your people. All the time. You’ll start seeing stuff that they’ll like. 

Open a desktop file and drop stuff they’d like into it. Call it My Tribe. Go with it. 

The truth is with social media, the best thing you can offer is you. 

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

You just read that, but your emphasis was wrong. 

“It’s not what you say. It’s how YOU say it”. It’s not the how. It’s the you. 

It’s how YOU say it. Your voice. Sweary or prim. Jokey or precise. Casual or serious. 

You’re not saying anything radically new. But what is new, is that YOU are saying it. Your voice. Your radiance. 

If you have a routine where you say a little something to your audience every day, they will find you. 

Yes, you need other parts of your business to function. Sales, paid advertising – yes. 

But at the moment we’re talking about social media. Which is social. It’s a conversation. 

Think of those huge transmitters sending out messages into space. 
Ping. Ping. Ping. 

And get your online stuff organised. Get ready for when they find you. Because they will. 

And your life will change. 

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