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Your boss has just asked you to sort out the firm’s social media marketing.

Instantly, every single piece of advice from ‘experts’ rises up in your brain. And starts to shout at you.

You spin from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest.

Should you post on one platform? Or all of them?

Should you make videos? Should you hold live webinars?

Overwhelmed, frustrated; it feels like your wheels just spin in loose sand.

And because each time you change focus there’s a disruption cost, you can’t ever get traction. Which affects the quality of your work.

Follow Your Bliss

Here’s the thing.

Find the pleasure in what you do, and your productivity will blast off.

And to make it even more fun, batch the same tasks together. You’re on a roll.

And if you show up daily, even in a small way, you will grow your reach. Daily small posts will beat one large article a week.

Because it’s about presence. Conversation. Your people know that you listen.

This approach combines these principles. Give it a try.

And I’ll model it for you with this post.

Increase the Bang

First, write and edit one smallish blog post that delivers a simple but good idea to your audience. Like this one.

Great. You’ve got some content. Set it to one side, and let it brew a little.

So next, find four photos that complement the post – one each for FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. That’ll do for now. You can use duplicates if that’s easier. Or substitute different platforms.

Drop all those photos into a desktop folder.

Next job. Use your favourite app to crop, sharpen, reduce and prep those four photos for each platform. Save your processed photos into a separate file. Name them so you can easily find them again.

Then take a copy of each photo, and a pity quote or observation from your article, and create a meme. This can also be your tweet.

Now, brainstorm some headlines for your post that suit each platform. Keep a key word in each headline, but work the changes.

See how this is going?

Then use a video programme to create a video from your post. I use Lumen5.

So from one blog post, you’ve now got content for four different platforms.

Do this twice a week and you’ve got a scalable strategy.

If you gently persevere, your reach and engagement will spread.

Take it in bite-sized chunks.

Think about what time of day suits you best for different tasks – write, edit, brainstorm, search, choose, process, schedule.

Remember to take a snapshot of all your current analytics before you start.

Because you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

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