Cruise Through Your Week’s Content Schedule

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Still feel like a “L” plate driver sometimes.

Most times. But a colleague came out with this brilliant insight.

When you wake up and face a week of scheduling stuff in ALL your business platforms, and your heart sinks to your boots, make every step bite-sized.

For example, schedule all your beautiful photos for 6.00 am. And do all the photos for the week.

And all your uplifting quotes at 1.30 pm. And all the uplifting quotes for the week. Then …. you get the drift.


1. You get a rhythm going, and your work flows more smoothly.

2. You don’t lose track, double up on some days and miss others.

3. You can see where you’re repeating yourself, and mix it up instead.

4. You stay tuned in to your audience, and your comments stay real.

5. It’s more fun. ❤️

I looked around a little on the interwebs, and there’s an actual cognitive effect that this taps into. It’s called “switch cost”.

It means every time we switch from task to task, we pay a mental price. Our attention is corroded, we are more inclined to make mistakes, and we tire more easily.

So back and forth, Facebook to Pinterest, meme to post to video, and we’re exhausted. Sound familiar?

It’s not ‘being lazy’ to bundle similar tasks together, turn on the tunes and cruise through it. Because science.

It’s actually more efficient, more effective and uses less mental and creative energy. Energy that’s then available for something else.

Any excuse is good. I’ll take it. And yes, it’s already making a difference.

Does anyone else do this? If you try it, let us know how you go. I’m loving it.

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