Are You Confused? Go Back to Your Bread and Butter

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real bread
real bread

It’s so easy to look for the next shiny object. Especially when sales drop. It’s scary. Your family needs to be fed. 

It’s so easy to just panic and start flailing. Because you feel helpless, and don’t know what to do. So any action is an improvement. 

Your brain whirs. Should I start another platform? Should I launch another website? Why won’t my customers buy? What am I doing wrong?

You just need a very plain business to start with. By plain, I mean a website, an email list, and a presence on one social media platform. Because when you’re learning, and not raised on the internet, but coming to it –  cough – later in life – it takes a while to learn. 

But if you focus on a few core things first, you’ll learn a huge amount, and then you can begin to craft exactly what suits your business. 

So, don’t try anything new for now. Instead, look very closely at what you’re doing now. You need these – a website, an email list and a presence on one significant social media platform. Stay on your existing platform for now. Any of the big ones – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – have so much functionality that it’s rare for them to be fully exploited by a small business. 

Everything you learn, and all the content you create, will improve your confidence. The next direction you go in will be a lot easier. Promise!

Remember that when you change direction, there’s a take-up cost. It slows you down, it saps your energy. 

Instead, take a look at your existing products. Really look at them. Which are your biggest sellers? Do you showcase them regularly? I mean, every week, week in, week out. 

Are you charging enough? Seriously! Even raising the price by one dollar for your most popular product can increase your weekly income without an extra cost of sale. 

How do you protect yourself against changes to the platform? The best and most robust way is to develop your own email list. Facebook is a privately owned website, and they can do whatever they like. And they will. 

Is your website at its best? Can you improve the words, the pictures, the user experience? Have you got a call to action on every page? 

There are bound to be small changes you can make which will make a big difference. Before you launch into a new direction, or commit to learning a new platform, look into these steps. 

Make them. Measure the difference. Your customers need to trust you. Are you talking to them? Are you listening to them? How do you improve their lives, whether or not they buy something from you?

Just pick one of these points, and follow it through from the point of view of your customer. Sketch out a plan – on the back of an envelope – to look over one thing a week. At the end of a month, your business will be humming along, and your confidence will be higher. 

Try this:

Week One: Check all calls to action on your posts. Are people clicking on them? How can you make them more attractive? What can you do to improve each offer?

Week Two: Check what you’re offering to encourage them to sign up. Are they signing up?

Week Three: Check your email outreach. Are they clicking on the email links to your website sales page?

Week Four: Check your sales page. Are they buying?

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