Morning Coffee

It seems that every morning when you turn on your computer, there’s another change to a platform that supports your business. And it’s all hysterical, apocalyptic stuff. 

Constant change drives you frantic. 

It feels like just when you get something sorted out, another tech bro announces a change. 

How are you supposed to run a business? Your reach, and sales, can drop radically. Overnight. And you don’t know why. 

And now Facebook is signalling that they intend to reduce organic reach to zero for marketing. Yay!

Your usual approach is to think “I must work harder.” But you’ve only go so much energy. Where to spend it? The spin starts. 

Maybe it’s time to measure more ROI? Yeah, right. 

All the standard advice has you spending money on analytics, and time on … analysing. Cool if your turnover is in the millions and you have a team. Otherwise, not so much. 

Yes, it’s true that platforms which have been free, are now starting to charge. 

Yes, it’s true that platforms are changing their algorithms to demand new behaviour from the people that use them. 

Yes, it’s true that up to now if you haven’t paid for advertising, you will need to consider that. 

But if you drill more deeply into these changes, you’ll see that they are about improving the online experience for the millions and millions of people who use it every day. Their customers.

Your customers. 

So you could think, “What do I give my customers that no-one else does?” . Or, “Why do my customers choose me?”

Even more importantly, “Why do my customers come back?”

Because social media is about conversation. And relentlessly hammering on about your product day after day (not that you do, of course) is the equivalent of the boor at the party butting in about his latest property acquisition. 

Platform owners know this. They’re acting to preserve their platform. 

What can you do, that’s in step with what they want? For their users? And what will even increase the rewards they give you? Like reach, and hence engagement?

Your customers are still out there looking for you. They’re looking for the solution that you offer, or the experience that you give. 

If you’ve neglected your website, start thinking about useful content for that. 

If you haven’t got an email list, think about building one. 

If it’s possible to build your community in a group online, look into that. 

Budget for some advertising, sure. But think about what you’re sharing on social media, too. How human are you? Do you make people laugh? Do you teach them something?

Because that’s going to be the content that rises to the top. 

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