Hi, I’m Kath.

And the first question I want to ask you is – when you think about making a video for your business, how do you feel?

Do you wonder what use video will be to your particular business?

Do you wonder where you’ll use it? And how you’ll know if it’s delivering any benefit?

Do you cringe inside when you think about talking to a camera and being recorded?

Does the whole process of making a video feel like a huge technical hole, that will suck up all your time and effort?

If you’re nodding ‘yes’, I get you.

That’s where I can help. 

There are two things standing in your way when it comes to you being on video.

The first – how to look your best. You take a video of yourself, it looks nothing like the ones you see on YouTube, and your heart sinks.

But it’s so simple. It’s what light plays on your face, where you’re positioned in the frame, and what words you want to say. You can set yourself up to look very professional, with only what you’ve got in your house and your webcam.

The second – how you feel about yourself in videos – the way you look and the way you sound.

And there are cognitive reasons why you “hate yourself” in photos and in videos.

But they’re nonsense. The truth is, that every other person in the world sees you just how you are on camera, and hears your voice the way you are on tape. And they’re absolutely fine with you! Some of them even quite like you!

So, as well as the techo stuff, I work with you to be set up well, coached well and ready to go when the camera rolls.

Who am I?

I’ve taught video production and scriptwriting for years. And I know how important it is to start with a direction in mind.

And best of all, I am a project manager. So I know how to support you to create brilliant content.

And by content, I mean video. The first step is to decide which audience you’re talking to. Because of the range of video types available to you, there’s one particular one that will best match where your audience is in their sales life cycle.

Here’s how I make it easy for you.

Step 1: I ask you focused questions about your business goals. This way, you can be confident that you’ll create the video that’s the best match.

Step 2: I coach you – in person, and with video, you can view as you wish – so that you are set up for success on camera. Your look and feel, your voice and your words.

Step 3: We create the video. I interview you on your webcam so that you stay focused, on topic and deliver exactly the message you want.

Step 4: I edit and prepare the video as we’ve decided, and send it to you for your campaign.

You can relax and focus on your biz

Any of this sounding useful for you?

The technical stuff is routine. I have a system for that. What’s really important is that you’re relaxed on camera, confident about your video and ready to reach out to your audience.

Contact me at kath@kathlloyd.com, and we’ll have a chat. No obligation – just good sense.