Do You Want to Create Video Content?

When you think of making a video for your business, what springs to mind?



Tantrums and temperament?

Video doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or frightening.

You can choose from a range of video types. And each type offers something to your audience. Wherever they are in their sales cycle.

Not only that, but it can be very easy indeed. As easy as talking to someone on the phone.

Don’t believe me?

Try this idea.

What if I coached you so that you look great on camera. And that camera is your webcam or smartphone.

And we discussed exactly what effect you want to create, and which audiences to reach. So you could hold a focused conversation that created anything from a brief video to a full-length sales pitch.

With minimum effort, you can have a series of videos and content to build every step of your sales cycle.

All you want to do is talk to your people. And build a relationship with your customers.

While you get on with what you’re best at – your real business.

Want to talk some more about this?

Email me directly at to set up a time.

Or book yourself in for a 30 minute chat here. All completely obligation free.

Hi, I'm Kath

Kathleen Lloyd

Kathleen Lloyd


I help business owners script and deliver their marketing message confidently on video.

What my clients say


Nitya & Kyle Nixon

Nature Body NZ

"We started working with Kathleen Lloyd over a year ago, when Facebook reach started to drop and we were seeing a drop in sales because of it. She immediately took charge, started an action plan and encouraged us through the plan, with weekly or bi-weekly training calls.
Sales and reach increased again quickly and my confidence grew along the way to continue growing our business page and sales."

Craig Vacy-Lyle

Craig Vacy-Lyle

Reiki Healer

"Kath took my videos and made them into something I was pleased to put and show my clients. I felt more and more relaxed on camera. She gave me lots of useful tips to get a great result without expensive gear and I got lots & lots of views.”

Sheryll FitzPatrick

Sheryll FitzPatrick

The Pink Geranium

"I learnt a lot from Kath's workshops. Stuff I had not known and it made me a lot more confident with IT.
She provided a safe place to learn and no question was a silly one. I'd recommend her if you want to become more confident navigating the IT world."

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